Group Photo May 2024 (from left to right): Anand, Mo, Jingwen, Jialiang, Professor Foston, Morgan, Jerry, Snehasish, Aditya


Post-Docs & Graduate students

Post-Doc and Graduate student alumni

Master’s students


  • Mo Chen


  • Will Goldberg
  • Su Pan


  • Qishen Lyu


  • Xianli Zou
  • Jamarii Robinson


  • Zhenyang Jiang


  • Cheyenne Martins
  • Merima Begonovic


  • Andressa Gusmão


NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Alexa Wienhoff2023-2024A Freshman Majoring in EECE at WUSTL
Gaelen Clayton2023-2024A Junior Majoring in EECE at WUSTL
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Kenadie Doty2022A Senior Majoring in Chemistry at Buena Vista University
Daichi Kobayashi2022-2024A Sophomore Majoring in Chemistry at WUSTL
Jessica Chavez2022-2024A Sophomore Majoring in Chemical Engineering at WUSTL
Jupjeet Dhingra2022A Junior Majoring in Chemical Engineering at WUSTL
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Kathryn Tang2021A Senior Majoring in Earth Science at WUSTL
Nicole Mut2021A Senior Majoring in EECE at WUSTL
Miranda Copenhaver2021A Senior Majoring in Biomedical Engineering at WUSTL
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Will Goldberg2020-2022Master’s student Majoring in Mechanical Engineering at WUSTL
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Elijah Begin2019PhD student at Boston College
Brandon Hutchisan2019-2020Graduated from WUSTL in May 2020
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Logan Verheyen2018-2019Medical student at Creighton University
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Haowen (Vicky) Su2017Research Assistant (WUSTL)
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Brian Gersten2016Research Assistant (WUSTL)MEng in EECE (WUSTL)
Zayid Oyelami2016Data Analytics Teaching Assistant (Trilogy Education)MS in Computer Science (WUSTL)
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Camille Noblet2015PhD Student in Atmospheric Chemistry (chez Ineris – Institut national de l’environnement industriel et des risques)
Victor Moreira2015MS in Environmental Engineering (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
Vernalli Mohanty2015Founder (Bombay Dessert Company)
Brock Workman2015-2016Air Quality Specialist (Arcadis)Associate Technical Professional (Halliburton)
Jeffrey Steptin2015-2016Technical Services Engineer (Epic)
Aja Welch2015Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives (Generate Health STL)MPH (WUSTL)
Austin Smestad2015-2016Application Engineer (H.B Fuller)
NameYearCurrent statusPrevious status
Noah Felvey2014PhD in Chemical Engineering and Material Science (UC Davis)
Sara Chinnaswamy2014Legal Assistant Paralegal (Satisky & Silverstein)District Sales Representative (Nalco Champion, an Ecolab)
Amy Brummer2014PhD in Material Science (Gerogia Tech) Technical Services Analyst (Epic)
Cole Davis2014MD student (Emory University)
Christian Ralph2014Data Scientist (Ameren)MS in Data Analytics and Statistics (WUSTL); Project Manager Intern (Ameren)
Tossaporn (Jack) Choowuttichao2014Sales Executive (Brenntag Group)
Mythili Ramachandran2014-2015PhD student in Pharmacology and Toxiocology (UC Davis)
Lauren Reidy2014-2015Teaching middle school science; will be a rising senior student in physics at WUSTL
Ryan Harlan2014-2015Scientist (NASA Michoud) Internship (NASA’s Imaging Technologies Facility)
Samuel Brodfuedrer2014-2015PhD Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin
NameYearCurrent StatusPrevious Status
Mariah Cushman2013 Team Manager (DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences)Chemical Engineer (DuPont)
Manvitha Marni2013Junior Risk Analyst (Optiver)MS in Environmental Engineering  (Northwestern University); Consultant (Argonne National Lab)
Jennifer Elwell2013Senior Air Quality Specialist (Bay Area Air Quality Management District)Project Manager (Stantec)
Jeane Xu2013Quality Control Associate Sr Position (Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.)Quality Control Associate (Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.)
Jennifier Biener2013Ops Associate (Capital One)Data Analyst/Data Engineer (Computer Aid, Inc.)
Cassandra Fagan2013Energy Consulting Manager (PowerAdvocate)MS in Environmental Engineering (University of Texas, Austin); Assistant Engineer (Schaaf & Wheeler)
Alexandra Rodriguez-Beuerman2013Software Developer (McMaster-Carr)ME at UI-Chicago
Imani Smith2013-2016Technology Solutions Consultan (Mastercard)MBA (WUSTL); Management Associate (Mastercard)
Naomi Micheal2013Uber Frieght Operations Associate (Uber)MBA (WUSTL); Strategy, Insights, & Planning Business Analyst (ZS)