• Materials Science & Engineering: Applying material science approaches to design processes for delivering renewable carbon to engineering microbes.
  • Characterization & Performance Enhancement: Detailed characterization of synthetic biological materials to improve their properties and functionalities.
  • Bio-based Composites & Nanomaterials: Developing new materials that extend the functional properties of synthetic biological constructs for diverse applications.

Accelerated Discovery of Synthetic Biological Materials (NSF-OIA): Crafting the future with bio-based materials, our NSF-OIA project focuses on high-strength nanocomposites, setting new benchmarks for sustainability. Learn more about the Synthetic biology Manufacturing of Advanced materials Research Center (SMARC) here.

[Ref.: Foston, M., Trajano, H.L., Samuel, R., Wyman, C.E., He, J., Ragauskas, A.J. (2015). Recalcitrance and structural analysis by water-only flowthrough pretreatment of 13C enriched corn stover stem. Bioresource Technology, 197, pp. 128-136.]